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Special Promotion for Referral of Client/New Client Discount will continue for the month of February, thanks to your great response!

New Client Referral Program  

If you are an existing client of Body Balance Therapy and you refer a new client to us, you will both receive your next 1 hour massage for $79.99 (regular price $95.00).  We recommend that the new client book with the same RMT, if possible.  

Please book as early as you can before spaces fill up. 

It's Easy as ...

  1. Existing clients should book as usual with their preferred RMT

  2. After your massage, your therapist will sign and present you with a client referral card that you can sign and gift to a friend that deserves a great massage! 

  3. The referred client can book online, by phone or use the button below and then bring the card with them to their massage.


​We appreciate your business!

                                         "Thank you for your personal recommendation of BBT to people that you know!"


"Welcome to Body Balance newcomers!"

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Special offer from our MOT therapists (Lesley Wiggins & Tavis Miller)   

Lesley and Tavis are excited to introduce Manual Osteopathic Therapy to BBT clients!  They've studied and worked hard to obtain their MOT certification and now they want to benefit their clients with this amazing new pain relief method and to restore normal body functions.

Exclusively from our MOT therapists is their offer for NEW MOT CLIENTS ...

to experience their Initial Session of 60 minutes which includes Assessment & Treatment at a 15% discount from the regular price of $120.00.  The MOT initial visit will be $102.00 ....... a saving of $18.00!  


Osteopath at Work

For all other MOT length of appointment times and price list, please refer to our services page for a price list.

Book as early as you can before spaces fill up. 

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