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August, 2021

Manual Osteopathy Therapy: A New Solution to Chronic Pain
Have you been plagued by chronic pain for years or decades?  With Manual Osteopathy Therapy (MOT), patients are seeing life-changing results in as little as one session.


“I had chronic lower back pain for over 10 years.”  -  patient obtained immediate results with MOT.

Offered by Registered Massage Therapists Lesley Wiggins and Tavis Miller – students of the MOT program at Manual Osteopathic College of Canada – MOT is the newest treatment at Body Balance Therapy.  And although MOT has only been available for a few months, the Body Balance team is already witnessing incredible patient outcomes.

“She has dramatically changed my day to day life.  Issues that plagued me for years are being resolved and more.” -  notes a satisfied patient, referring to Wiggins.

What’s the key to MOT?   Well, practitioners like Wiggins and Miller focus on realigning the body’s structure to restore movement and function.

“During my assessment, Tavis was able to determine my spine was out of alignment and at the end of my  first appointment my pain was gone. I couldn’t believe it!  It’s been a couple of months since my appointment and (I have) no issues at all.” - recalls one of Miller’s patients.

Both Wiggins and Miller are currently offering FREE 30 minute MOT assessments when you book a 60 minute massage. This includes a structural and functional assessment to determine if alignment is required to correct any imbalances in your body.  Follow up appointments would include treatment of the imbalances and further assessment if necessary.

Don’t live with chronic pain;  eliminate it, and live your life on your terms.  Book your 60 minute massage with FREE 30 minute MOT assessment today at bodybalancetherapy.ca

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Lesley Wiggins - RMT
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Tavis Miller - RMT

MOT appointments

Manual Osteopathy Therapy will ease your pain.  Contact us to book your appointment with either of our MOT practitioners;  Lesley Wiggins or Tavis Miller today at info@bodybalancetherapy.ca or call reception at 780-455-1764.