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Cold Laser Benefits

  • Drug free

  • Non toxic

  • Non invasive

  • Safe

  • Painless

  • Easy to apply

  • No side effects

  • No down time

  • Cost effective 

  • More than 90% of patients experience relief

  • Quick

Over the past few years, Body Balance has seen exciting results using Theralase Cold Laser Therapy. Our clients have experienced reduced inflammation, pain and recovery time after receiving Cold Laser Therapy. The Theralase super-pulsed laser system penetrates tissue up to 4 inches to promote cellular regeneration at the source of injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, you can return to an active lifestyle pain-free within a few weeks versus months or years of life altering pain.

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Laser Treatment
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Where Cold Laser can help
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How Cold Laser helps
How Cold Laser acts at the cellular level
Body Balance has offered treatment with Theralase Cold Laser Therapy for almost a year now and we are excited about Cold laser reduces treatment and recovery times.    
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